Day 1 - Glending

The Sprint will take place in Glending near Blessington and will be a 100% forest race.

The forest is located around a national monument known as Rath Turtle Moat. This hill fort was last used by the Vikings in the 11 th century but may have been constructed over 2,000 years previously.

The forest is now owned by Roadstone Ltd and we are extremely grateful to them for permission to host the event here and also to the GAA for the parking and facilities.

The forest is mostly mature coniferous forest interspersed with beech and oak. Expect earth banks, dips, hides, bike trails and some superb runnable areas. The area hasn’t been used for Orienteering in the last 40 years and we are hoping to publish some of the maps from way back then.

Starts for the sprint will be between 17:00 and 19:30

Planner: Ruairi Short (Cnoc)

Organiser : Don Short (Cnoc)

Controller: Marcus Geoghegan (Ajax)

Embargoed Area