Day 2 - Stranahely

Day 2 -Stranahely 29th April 2023

Middle Distance Event

Planner – Ruth Lynam (CNOC)

Organiser – Brendan Delany (CNOC)

Controller – Dave Weston (SET)

Mapper – Pat Healy (CNOC)

Location & Directions

The assembly area for the event is in a large field located in the southern part of the competition area, south-east from the village of Donard in the Glen of Imaal. The map below shows the exact location ( 53°00’05.1″N 6°31’35.1″W ). The field is approx 1 Km from the barrier at Knickeen Ogham Stone.

Access routes will be signposted on the day from the N81 junction towards Castleruddery/ Knockanarrigan– please follow any and all signs and direction to ensure local traffic is not hampered during the day (the roads in the Glen are not very wide).


Parking will be in the assembly field and on an area of hard standing adjacent to the assembly field.

In the event of inclement weather, the field may be unusable for parking The network of roads will be used instead. Please allow sufficient time to get to your start time in this eventuality.

The barrier to the forest will be open at 0800 am.


Download and registration are located beside the assembly field.

The assembly area has space for club tents flags etc. So please bring them along

 There is no need to come to Registration unless you need to collect or change an SI card: you can go directly to the start. Registration, results, download, etc. will be beside the assembly area en route to and from the start and finish.

Keys may be left in sealed envelopes (provided) at the registration tent, for collection after your run

The Map

The area has two distinct areas. One part is mature coniferous forest on a hillside, visibility and runnability vary from very good to poor. The other part is more low-lying with a mix of unmanaged coniferous forest, semi-open and open terrain. Runners can expect fast open running, tussocks, dense forest, open forest, clearings and a dense network of drains. Note: The area has many marshes which no course completely avoids.


Mapping notes

Most extraction rides in white forest are not on the map. Felled areas runnable in one direction shown with green hedge symbol. In some areas the black x (Manmade feature) represents pits for firing targets.


Crossing points - The longer courses will cross the river which runs through the area. There is a bridge and three crossing points are marked on the map. It is not compulsory to use these crossing points but it is strongly recommended.


The map scale for courses 1 – 9 and Light Green will be 1:10,000, and the map scale for courses 10 – 13, Yellow and Orange will be 1:7,500, with a contour interval 5 m for all courses. Map Size A4 (22.5cm x 32cm)printed on Antius waterproof paper.


Control descriptions will be printed on the map. Loose control descriptions will be available at the start. Courses 12 & 13, and Orange & Yellow will have both text and symbol descriptions on the map. All other courses will have only symbol descriptions

The map will be printed on waterproof paper.

Previous Map : Stranahely Results 2019 


SportIdent will be in operation and the controls will be SI Air-enabled. Controls will be mounted on stakes.


There will be a timed start. Start times have been assigned and will run from approx. 1030 to 13.00.

Courses close at 1500.

There will be one (1) start, approx. 5 mins from the Assembly Area.

Call-up will be at -4 minutes. Clear and check boxes for SI cards will be located in the call-up area. Loose control descriptions will be available in the start boxes. Competitors will cross the Start Line at their designated start time and then take their maps.

It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that they that they arrive at their allocated start time, have cleared their SI card, and that they check they have taken the correct map.

Depending on the weather, a cagoule, hat and gloves may be compulsory. There will, however, be a “no whistle no go” rule in force.


You must punch the finish to record your finish time. Please note that the download will be on the way to the assembly area and competitors should head there immediately on finishing.

You must download and return any rented or borrowed SI cards.

There will be bags at the Download labelled by club for Ireland and by country for other competitors. Finishers returning before the last start must place their map in the appropriate bag. The maps may be collected after the last start at 1300.


 Download will be located beside the assembly field en route from the finish. ALL COMPETITORS MUST DOWNLOAD WHEN THEY RETURN WHETHER THEY HAVE COMPLETED THE RACE OR NOT.


Part of the map is on Military Land. It is very important that you do not touch any items you may find in the terrain. The following are picture of what you might find in the terrain. These are all harmless but still should not be touched.  Please make sure that all children are aware of this before they go out in the terrain.

In the interest of safety, all orienteers will be checked out at the call up to the start and also checked in at the finish.


The Last Lap Café Food Company will be present on the hard stand, beside the Assembly Area, providing Barista Coffees, Tea, Hot Chocolate & Herbal Teas, mix of Wraps and Sandwiches, Crepes Chocolate Bars and Snacks.


Please follow the country code and leave no trace principles. Bring all your litter home with you, and consider bringing a reusable cup for the refreshments afterwards.

Toilet Facilities

There will be portaloos available for use in the hard standing area beside the assembly area. There will be no toilets at the start.

Clothing Transfer

There will be no clothing transfer.

First Aid

The designated First Aid officer can be found at the hardstanding adjacent to the assembly area.


No dogs are allowed in the assembly or event areas please, with the sole exception of assistance dogs. Please respect this – we are entirely reliant on the continued goodwill of the local farming community for access to these areas.

Prizes / Prize Giving

We will have prizes for the top three finishers in all age categories (where applicable). There will also be a prize for the Irish Champion in any given category if none of the top three finishers is eligible to be the Irish Champion.

To be eligible to be the Irish Champion in any age category, the competitor must be a member of a registered IOA or NIOA club.

Prize giving will be held in Lynam’s, Laragh after the AGM on Sunday.


The organisers would like to thank Coillte and the Department of Defence for the use of the terrain.

We would like to thank the following

Dave Weston (SET) for controlling the event.

Pat Healy and Ruth Lynam for the hours of effort in preparing the map

Ruth Lynam for the effort and dedication in planning the courses

All the volunteers that make this kind of event possible 

Stranahely -middle distance

Stranahely -middle distance