Day 3 - Slieve Bawn, Co. Roscommon - 06/05/24


Long Distance Event (Classic)


Organiser – Kim Taylor (SOLAR)

Planner –  Padraig Higgins (SOLAR)

Controller - Pat Healy (CNOC)

Mapper - Pat Healy (Remapped 2024)

Terrain Information:

The area of Sliabh Bawn covers approx 12 sq Km of forest and open terrain.

Over three (3)sq Km have been clearfelled and replanted in the last 3 years making this area uncrossable for particiapants. The clearfelled and replanted area is shown using the rough open (403 symbol) plus vertical green lines(409 symbol). Dense vegetation and windblown covering 2.5 sq KM. Areas of dense vegetation fight (410 symbol) and windblow from recent storms is shown as solid green on the map. Windblown has an added green rootstock (419 symbol). The remaining 7km is made up of mature forest, forest slow run 406, forest walk 408 and farmland around the perimeter. There is 51 KM of forest roads, tracks and paths throughout. The wind farm itself has 17 turbines on hard standing. These are numbered on the ground and on the map for relocation and a safety reference point.


Parking will be in the forest  along forest roads, follow signs and at all times, please obey the volunteers directing traffic. Be aware that this is a wind farm and speed limit on forest roads is 25km/hr.

Forest Entrance Lat./Lon.: 53.75085, -8.05032

Enquiries & Registration:

Enquiries and Registration will open at 09:30. It will be close to the parking area.

Only elite competitors need to wear a bib which can be collected at Registration. 

If you will be using a different SI card to the one you registered, you will need to inform Registration.

Start and competition information:

Both starts (Red Start and Blue start) for all courses will be close to the parking areas.

The finish for all competitors will be close to the parking area.

There will be a refreshment truck in the assembly area

Members of the general public will be using the forest for recreation; please take

care and be courteous.

The start window is from 10:00h to 13:00hrs.

Call-up is -4 minutes, descriptions are provided at -3. The start interval is 3 - 6 minutes (depending on class), on the minute. At the start we will have a PRE-START clock that shows the CALL UP TIME. When this clock shows your start time you should enter the first box. Start times are pre-allocated, so no start control needs to be punched. The route to the start will be marked by tapes/signs. It is the competitors’ responsibility to ensure they are on time for their pre-allocated start time. Late arrivals will be allowed to start at a half interval at the discretion of the start official. The start official will record your start time but your race time will be taken from your pre-allocated start time. Any complaints must be in writing and handed in at Registration.

Red Start Courses 1-9

Blue Start Courses 10-14


SportIdent timing will be used. Si Boxes will be on stakes

Results and Prizes

Results will be displayed and updated periodically. Mobile data coverage is very good in this area. Prize giving will be in Hudson Bay Hotel on Sunday at 19.00. The Hodson Bay Hotel is located just 5km from Athlone Town Centre on the N61 Roscommon Road

Sat Nav Coordinates: Lat: 53.46780 Lon: -7.98872


Maps for courses 1 and 2 (M21E, M18E, M20E, W21E) will be at a scale of 1:15000. Maps for all other courses will be at a scale of 1:10000. All maps will have a contour interval of 5m. Maps will be printed on high quality waterproof Antius paper.

First Aid

There will be a crewed first aid station in the assembly area.

Water Stations

Some of the longer courses will have the opportunity to run past a water station. It will be on a forest road rather than at a control and will be marked on the map. 


It is a forest so full cover is recommended. The Finish for all courses is quite close to the Starts, so additional clothing left at the start can be collected from the start afterwards.


Toilets are available in the assembly area only, not near the start.

Embargoed Area - Please do not enter this area in the interests of fair play.


We would like to thank the following

Planner Padraig Higgins 

Pat Healy for remapping the area and controlling the event

All the volunteers that make this kind of event possible.

Queries For any queries, contact